The following word was given this morning at Fiordland New Life Church in the worship time by Lyn Packer. It is given for the Church in New Zealand but is also a word for the Church in the nations as well.

“I say to you, victory is your starting point, not need! Provision is your starting point, not need. I’ve given you eyes to see; will you see, will you look from my perspective?

I’m raising up a company in this nation; a company of burning hearts, a company of those who see rightly, whose starting point is the as yet unseen reality of my promise. I am raising up a company of those who will take me at my Word and see that my promises have been fulfilled before they are given, who see the provision has arrived before its journey started. I am raising up those who see ahead of time to an already established reality and I am doing it in this place, in this time.

Can you see them? Can you see them, because they are you! I am doing a work in your life that will forever shift your sight line! Today I decree a shift in your sight line. No longer will you be satisfied with seeing through veiled or faithless eyes; no longer will you be satisfied with seeing from a ‘needs’ perspective. Today I say you shall now see with spirit eyes; the eyes of a seer are released today, here and in this nation. I give you eyes to see, and to function. from the place of victory already established, from provision already given.

See beyond time. See my already established future, my hope, my plans for yourself and this nation of New Zealand. I have given you my promises so that you may know ahead of time what your tomorrow will look like.

 You are about to step into a prophetic window of time that will establish what your future and the future of this nation will look like. It is a crucial time, weighty in its implication and in its reality.

Listen for me in what you hear, look for me in what you see. Look beyond today; see your future and begin to live in that now. Who said there must be steps you must take? Who said there must be levels to ascend. What I say you can do, you can do. 

Do not say “I am too immature, I need more healing before I’m ready.” I have already made provision for it, it is already established as I see you. I will take care of character as you walk in submission to me. I have already brought you into fullness of maturity in Christ. Stay in Him, lean into Him, rely on Him. Exchange your weakness for His strength and it will become your strength. Step into your future today. Don’t put it off into tomorrow, you can walk in it today. Go beyond now and walk in tomorrow today. I operate beyond time, so you can walk according to my vision, what I see, not earth’s timeline.

Victory is your starting position; maturity is your starting position; provision is your starting position, because they are already established in me, in my plans for you and for the nation. Do not look at this nation and say “It is too hard.” It is already accomplished in me. I am making you and I am making this nation a company of burning hearts. You, my called out ones, my burning hearts, will move through this nation and the nations of the earth, sharing the reality of my Kingdom.”

A declaration to make

“I declare that I am a part of the company of burning hearts that you are raising up in this time. I have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand what You are doing in this time.

I declare that victory is my starting place, that provision is my starting place, that maturity is my starting place; those realities already exist because of how You see me. I declare that I walk in purpose and destiny already because You see my end from my beginning. I am Your child, called by Your Name, destined to burn with Your love so men will see and be drawn to You!

 My jurisdiction is first this nation then the nations of the world. They are mine. You have given them to me as my inheritance and so I take my place in Your company of burning hearts, as one that will burn for You!”


It’s been a while since I posted here but I am still alive and functioning, I just got real busy and some things slid down the priority pile. But here I am again, my batteries are refreshed and my creativity is flowing… sounds great doesn’t it? And it feels great too!

I have just finished the first draft on a new book about how to grow and enhance your creativity. It’s funny – but when you start to write you realise you know a heck of a lot more than you thought. You just are so used to putting it into practise unconsciously that you don’t stop to think what you’ve learnt along the way. You also find out how much you don’t know lol, and how much you can still learn. So the new book is in it’s infancy but should be reality fairly soon. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Today – can I suggest that you take some time to think about something you are currently involved with doing and consciously think about and be thankful for the things you’ve learnt that you’re putting into practise in that task. Gratitude is such a positive creative booster and mood booster you’ll find that your day will even go better because you took a moment to be thankful. And quite possibly your task will too.

Around this time of year, and also earlier at the Jewish New Year, there are lots of prophetic words from Prophetic ministers that hit the Internet. Why is that?

Is it simply that it’s a good time to think about the coming year? That is certainly a possibility and not a silly reason for doing so. Is it because one person did it and others copied? That is also, unfortunately, a possibility. Or, maybe, is there something special about these times of the year that causes God to speak more than at other times?

I don’t believe there is anything special about these particular times of the year (Rosh Hashanah – Jewish new Year or our western calendars New Year) although many people do. I know some people will not like my saying that – especially those who follow the Jewish Calendar and feasts, but it is good sometimes to be challenged to take the time to look at and question why we do what we do.

Personally I believe that it is no longer a necessity for us as New Covenant believers to follow the Old Covenant feasts (Gal 4:8-11) – they have interest factor and can teach us things, but our lives should not be based around them. Our lives are to be based on and lived from the New Covenant – what Jesus did for us through his death and resurrection. That is the pivotal thing for us to walk in. I also believe since Jesus’ ascension we have been in a continual season of his favour, under a continual open heaven and place of being able to hear God and fellowship with him.

But back to commenting on the Prophetic words that are being released…

Let’s look at the timing of releasing prophetic words. In the Old Testament we don’t find the Prophets putting out prophetic bulletins to coincide with a particular date. They spoke when God spoke or when God told them to release the word, no matter what day that was. Let me explain that a little further by giving an example from my life. In my prophetic walk there have been words God has given me that I have prayed into for weeks and months before releasing them to do their work. At other times there has been an immediate release of a word in a particular situation. Both ways are valid and done for a reason. Some words that God gives you are only for taking to prayer and may never be publicly released; some are to be birthed in prayer first before being released, while others are to be given when they are received. Part of growing in my gifting as a Prophetic minister is learning to discern which is which.

While I don’t have a problem with the annual prophetic postings, and indeed I do one myself, there is something that does bother me concerning them. That problem is not primarily with the words themselves but is this – I have to wonder whether the Church receives and approaches these missives with a right understanding. If they don’t, that is not primarily their fault but ours, as Prophetic ministers, because we haven’t taught them how to discern, receive and apply them.

So I ask the question, “How do we receive and approach New Covenant Prophetic input like these bulletins?”

This is not an exhaustive look at the subject, but it is a start to get us thinking…

There is no doubt that the prophetic gift is still a gift valued by the Lord today. After all, he says that as part of the New Covenant Body he gave some to be Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors or Evangelists (1 Cor 12:28). If that is so, then we can expect to hear from those prophetic voices giving us current words from him and understanding on what the Lord is doing or going to do.

But what is the primary role of the New Covenant Prophet? Is it just to hear and share, expecting people to base their walk on what they share? I don’t believe so. I think their function is first and foremost to train the church to hear from God for themselves so that they can minister rightly to those around them (Eph 4:11,12). It is also to hear and share.

Yes, we need the Prophets and what they hear from the Lord – it gives us a big picture view of what he is doing, and that is needed. The problem comes, though, when people begin to base their lives on those prophetic words without first going to the Lord and asking him how it applies to their life. To base our life on what someone else says they heard from God without going to him ourself and asking him how it applies to our life is at best ill-advised, and at worst monumentally stupid and will have consequences for our walk.

What are some of those possible consequences…

  • We may not make time to hear God for ourselves – this could cause us to become an ‘easily swayed’ person.
  • We may open ourselves, and possibly others, to deception (if we pass these things on to others).
  • We may put our faith in what the person says, not in what God has said to us personally.
  • If God does say something different to us we may question whether what we are hearing is right or not, and may possibly even disbelieve God.
  • The church will end up with people who do not think for themselves but just blindly follow.

So while there is nothing wrong with prophetic people putting out insights regarding the coming year or the present season, do read them with a right understanding…

  • That we prophetic people are learning to hear from God just as you are.
  • We are not experts who have it all sussed, we are people just like you.
  • At best we see partly and dimly (1 Cor 13:12).
  • The interpretation and conclusions we come to from what we have heard are subjective and we may or may not be correct.

But has that ever stopped God speaking through human vessels? No! And He will continue to do so.

Don’t just blindly dismiss those prophetic words as having no value now under the New Covenant, God does still use Prophets and prophetic people in the New Covenant. Too many Christians are rubbishing other believers because they don’t understand why they do what they do. If you don’t understand, ask! – that’s the path of wisdom. Don’t just dismiss them or label them – that is just playing into the enemy’s hands.

Just make sure that when you read what we publish that you take it to the Lord and pray about it and ask how or if it relates to your life. Don’t just blindly believe everything you read and certainly don’t base your life and walk on it without checking it out with the Lord.

Will I be doing a Prophetic Insights for 2012 like I have the last few years? Yes, but I do so submitting them to you to weigh up before the Lord. They are what I have heard the Lord speak to me and while I do believe that they have application for all of us, you must take them to the Lord and ask him about how, or even if, they apply to your life. They will be up here on our blogsite, facebook and also our website in the next couple of days. I hope that they do give you some insight into what the Lord is doing in this time.

Some of you may be asking why do I do them at this time of year. Simply, I do it because for me the end of the year is a good time to do a stock-take on this year, and to seek God for the next one. There’s nothing particularly spiritual in that reasoning, sorry.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. May the Lord bless you with wisdom from above (James 1:5, 3:15-17) so that you know how to walk through this coming year.

Personal responsibility in giving prophetic words

When we are giving prophetic words we have some responsibilities. It is not just a case of dropping a word on someone and then washing our hands of it and walking away.

First we need to be aware of what is happening in our personal life – our situations and motivations. These things can influence how we interpret and how we deliver what God gives us prophetically. Check your heart or ask yourself –

  • Is this revelation / word really about me, or something I am going through?
  • Are the things I’m going through tainting or influencing how I am interpreting this? Why do I want to bring this word?
  • What is my real motivation eg. is there a need within me for acceptance, wanting to be seen to be good at something, hidden anger at a person or leadership?

Every revelation has three parts – Revelation, Interpretation, Application. These three parts apply to any revelation that we receive and our revelation isn’t complete unless we ask God for the unveiling of those three parts.

Revelation – This is the picture that God gave you or what he said to you. The revelation can be either literal or symbolic. It can come in any manner of ways, from the still small voice of God that whispers into our heart and mind to an open-eyed vision.

Interpretation – This phase of a prophetic revelation is very important. Many people just stop at the picture / vision because they don’t realise that there is more and the revelation itself is just the entry way into the depths and treasure of that revelation. Remember, the things that you see could be symbolic or literal.

First, ask the person you are giving the word to if the picture means anything to them. If it doesn’t then ask God for the interpretation.

Don’t go into your mind and try and work out what the revelation means. The interpretation is found by asking the Holy Spirit. Ask Him specific questions about the details of what you see or hear. How, why, when, where, what type questions e.g. What does that colour symbolize? What does this aspect represent?

The Holy Spirit’s job with revelation is “to lead us and guide us into all truth” (John 16:13) and to reveal Jesus and the Father to us because He is the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ (Rom 8:9). The Holy Spirit will never lead you into deception.

Application – The application comes next – this is what you do with what you’ve received.

Timing is important in releasing prophetic words. Some words are meant for sharing now, some are meant to be birthed first in prayer,  some are meant to wait for the right season or time before you share them and some are for prayer only and never get shared.

Ask the Holy Spirit questions like –

  • Is this word for me, another individual, or a group of people?
  • If it’s for someone else or a group, is it to be shared or to be taken to prayer? Some words are never supposed to be shared but to be taken to intercession and prayed through to the point of release.
  • If it is to be shared, is it to be shared publicly or privately, with the person / with the Pastor and elders of the church?
  • If it is to be shared, when is it to be shared? Some words may not be shared for months but prayed into until the right time of releasing them. Other words may not given straight away but may be crafted over a period of time eg, a piece of prophetic art may be done on the spot or crafted over time.
  • If it is to be shared today, does it fit into the present flow of the meeting, or is it for later in the meeting?

Once we have released a word we also need to know if our job has finished then or if there is more that the Lord wants us to do e.g. keep praying until you see the word established. Many times I have released a word in a church and the Lord has kept me praying for that church and the establishing of that word for months. Do not assume that your job is over just because you’ve spoken out the word.

On the other side of that – don’t take on a false responsibility for the word you have given. Bringing the word to fulfillment is, of course, the Lord’s job. Ours is simply to co-operate with him and to do what he tells us to do.

When we have given a word, how it is received is up to the person or people it is given to. Our part is to give it with love and grace, being a true representation of the Father who is full of love and grace. Even a corrective word should be given in a way that reflects the redemptive love of God.  It will not be judgmental and full of law – that is not who God is. That is either a religious substitution for the real God or the devil’s heart and intent for that person.

Let me give you an example. Suppose the Father gives me a word of knowledge or reveals to me that someone has a problem with lying. If I reveal that publicly by saying “God has shown me that you are a liar and have a lying spirit” then I will expose them, shame them and strip them of dignity. That is never God’s heart. So I know that I have to ask God what his heart is for them, and how to deliver that word in a way that expresses his love and redemptive purpose.

The devil’s purpose is to humiliate them, pull them down, shame them etc. God has a redemptive purpose for them and wants them to walk in his ways, so I must ask “What are his ways, what is his answer for this problem?” Obviously, in this example, that would be to put his Spirit of truth in them and for his words to come out of their mouth. So I would probably deliver the word something like this. “I believe that the Lord is showing me that he is calling you to a new place of walking in and speaking truth. He longs to put his words in your mouth and for you to be a reflection of his heart in all you do and say. The Lord is releasing over your life today a spirit of truth and calling you to be a voice for Him.”

As prophetic people we are called to accurately reflect and release the heart of the Father over people in all we do. Our words are to bring freedom, life, grace, dignity, and to call people into the fullness of who God created them to be. That is our responsibility when we give a prophetic word. If God’s love and redemptive purpose is not shown in our attitude and words then we will sound like a noisy gong, no matter how accurate what we say may be.

A prophet is supposed to hear from God clearly and deliver what they hear, and in the Old Testament it seems that there were very definite repercussions if they didn’t get it right.

How do we judge a prophecy and can we judge a prophecy solely by whether or not it comes to pass? Obviously that is a standard many  hold to, yet if we judge every prophecy by that standard alone we have a problem. We are finite people with a finite life span and even in scripture some prophetic words did not come to pass for centuries. Are we to judge a prophecy by setting a time limit or a date by which a prophetic word must come to pass or are there other factors we need to consider? Obviously there are other factors as well that come into play.

If a prophet gives a prophetic word and specifies a certain time when it will come to pass then that does set a time limit on that prophecy; but even then part of the prophetic word can be accurate and part wrong. Putting time limits in prophetic words is always risky, even when you sense God say a time specification. Why? Because God’s sense of time often does not correspond to our understanding of time.

How do we judge a prophecy then? Some simple things to weigh a prophetic word by are as follows:

Judge the prophecy and not the person giving it. (God speaks through people who might not always line up with our preconceived ideas of how a prophetic person should look, speak or act.)

The new covenant prophetic word must be for edification, exhortation and comfort (1 Cor 14:2-4). Because of redemption all prophetic words will be bathed and soaked with Father’s love and heart for that person or people.

  • The word must carry the Saviour’s heart and redemptive purpose. There is a huge difference between Old Covenant prophets and New Covenant ones. (Old was under the law – judgement; new is under Grace – love & redemptive purpose)
  • The word given will not violate Scripture or God’s character and values. Check – does it line up with the Word, God’s heart, His nature and character?
  • Inner witness. Does the Holy Spirit in you witness that this is a word from God? (It is possible for someone to prophesy from their soul – what they see or sense with their natural senses about a person or situation)
  • Does the word come to pass? This is not always easy to gauge, as sometimes years go by before a prophecy comes to pass, so for me this is one of the lower things on the list of how I judge a prophecy. It should not be the first thing we go to.
  • A prophetic word does not have to be, but may be, confirmed with outward circumstances that come into agreement with that word. eg signs and wonders 1

All this might make it seem that giving and receiving prophetic words is risky and that it would be better not to have that gift operate. Unfortunately some people and churches have chosen this route. Because of the risk factor they have chosen to shut down the operation of that gift in their lives and churches. Unfortunately this is a knee-jerk reaction, not a scriptural or even a wise one.

Part of the reason it may happen is if pastors aren’t prophetic themselves and they then place a lower value on this gift than others. Another reason is because a lot of pastors don’t understand the gift and don’t know how to pastor prophetic people. So an ostrich situation can happen – if I ignore it maybe it will go away or sort itself out. Not so, but unfortunately that can be some peoples’ viewpoint.

Sometimes the shutting down of the gift or gifts simply comes from the very practical fact of ‘a lot of stuff to do and little time to do it in’ so Pastors can make growing in the prophetic and pastoring the prophetic a low priority.

The gift of prophecy is a very needed gift in the church today, just as it always has been. There is a restoration of that gift happening at the moment and it is being used both in church and out in the marketplace with great effect in peoples’ lives. But if we don’t want to go around the same mountain again and have the same problems happen we must learn to use and pastor the gift with wisdom so that it grows up into its fullness in our lives – personally and in the corporate life of the church.

In order for that to happen part of what we need to understand is that we carry some responsibility in delivering a prophetic word, so in next month’s article I will look at that responsibility .

content from list is taken from “Prophetic Bootcamp” by XP USA.

We have just had the most fantastic weekend in Rotorua with Living Well church – they are hungry people there. We did a school of Prophecy and people stepped out and prophesied who had never done it before. By the end of the weekend as the words they gave got confirmed time and time again they knew they could trust God to give them something when they asked for it.

Two of the Pastors had powerful life changing throne room encounters and experiences in heavenly places. There were visions, angelic visitations, prophetic dreams, healing, drunkneness and laughing in the Spirit, prophetic actions that sparked breakthrough and prophetic declarations that have changed things in the spirit realm over the city.

Wow! God is good and for Rob and I one of the highlights was that we had 5 of the team with us who all ministered powerfully to people. It was funny, one car load of them arrived drunk in the spirit in Rotorua and those three moved from drunk in the spirit to drunker in the spirit over the weekend with occasional sober spells. (my new saying – “drunk is good”) For the team – we had gone to serve but it was a weekend where we got ministered to by God and others, in wonderful ways.

It has been a life changing weekend on so many fronts for everyone who attended. Man, I love that we get to work alongside Daddy in releasing heaven into earth!


pregnant with promise - this was painted as a prophetic word for one of the women who attended the weekend.

Creativity – it’s at the very core of every single person alive, it’s a part of the image of God that He placed within us at man’s creation.

It is always such a pleasure to see that spark of creativity burgeon into life and become something beautiful and wondrous in someones life. This weekend has been such a time as a group of women came together to listen to Papa and paint His heart. We had two glorious days amongst the bush and palms of Titirangi (the fringe of heaven) and there heaven met earth and divine inspiration was awakened and expressed.

Some of the women were very used to expressing the prophetic, some were not, some had used art to do so before but some had not and for them it was a voyage into unknown waters. But they did not go alone, they had encouraging intrepid adventurers along for the journey with them. And of course Holy Spirit danced over us with great joy as Papa looked down and smiled his wonderful smile of encouragement. By the end of the weekend each of the women had taken steps of faith and trust that had opened up new vistas for them and enlarged their territory. Here are some of the photos from the weekend. I obviously can’t fit every picture taken in here but this will give you a taste of some of what was done.

Ascending in Prayer

the beginnings of a beautiful painting of a woman being washed by the Word

a three-fold chord is not easily broken

beginnings of - a woman holding a map walking from a lesser light into a greater one

This mornings release is about intentionality. When the Lord first said the word I actually had to look it up to see if it was a real word and of course it was. It means – (noun) the fact of being deliberate or purposive.• Philosophy, the quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires,hopes) that consists in their being directed toward some object or state of affairs.

As you’ll read later our mental state is critical in whether we win or lose the daily battles we fight.


This is a season to intentionally align ourselves with the Lord’s heart and intent. The Word tells us to ‘choose this day whom you will serve’…

Joshua 24:15 Choose for yourselves this day who you will serve…

Deut 30:19  I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.

Let it be a wholehearted surrender of all to Him. As we walk further into this season, those who align themselves with God’s heart and intent and work together with Heaven will see more and more faith-initiated miracles happen.

There will be a greater cooperation with Heaven and a working together of men and the angelic realm to see the Kingdom come and God’s will be done. This does not mean a worshipping or a fixation with angels but a scriptural understanding of them and flowing together with them.

(A little aside here – Some Christians are getting upset because of some who are saying angels of breakthrough or angels of provision or healing etc are being assigned to ministries and peoples’ lives. We seem to have no hesitation in believing that there are spirits of jealousy, spirits of deception and other demonic spirits that are assigned to peoples’ lives, and are known by their functional descriptions, yet we struggle to believe that of God’s angelic messengers and helpers. Most of our skepticism is based on the fact that what we don’t understand we don’t accept easily and even draw back from. Just because we don’t understand something does not make it wrong. It just means we need to go to the Holy Spirit and ask for revelation and understanding. We are not to go into our head and try and work it all out logically. God’s Kingdom cannot always be worked out logically.)

Eph 1:17  I pray to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

Be intentional about intimacy with the Lord. Be deliberate in your setting aside time alone with the Lord. Five minutes before you rush out the door to work won’t cut it in this season. The Lord is looking for a loving relationship not a marriage of convenience. Go back and re-read the sections on intimacy and identity and let them sink in and ask Holy Spirit to make them revelation to you.

Intentionally let God deal with the stuff in your life. Be deliberate in your handing over to him the hurts, insecurities and brokenness of your life. Ask Him to make manifest in your life the truth and reality of your salvation – nothing broken, nothing missing, Christ in you and you in Christ.

Eph 4:22 Put off and discard your old unrenewed self which characterized your previous manner of life and… be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind 24  And put on the new nature created in God’s image, [Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness.

Intentionally enter the Throne Room for strategy – The Word tells us to boldly come.

Heb 4:16  Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in good time for every need.

Intentionally enter the Throne Room for strategy, not just to have a nice experience. Experiences are good and necessary but it is not all just about us, it is also about the covenant being lived out, being blessed to be a blessing.

The Glory – The Glory being released and established in and around our lives is a part of the strategy for this season. We must build the glory around our life – the place where God sits enthroned and where Christ bubbles out of us. It’s not a coming upon, it’s a bubbling forth of rivers of living water.

John 7:38  “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.”

Col 1:27  To whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of glory.

We must align ourselves with the Genesis pattern where the Holy Spirit hovered (He is the original glory that covered the earth), God spoke and creation happened. When the glory hovers and we speak what God shows us to speak, creative miracles will happen, things will be released from the eternal realm into this one. Prayers will be answered speedily, healings will more often happen instantly and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will be seen in the earth.

Be intentional in destroying the works of satan – in your life and the lives of others. You have an assignment from Heaven – to release Heaven into Earth and to destroy the works of the evil one. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and this is your assignment too. Note – it is not your purpose in life but it is your assignment. Purpose means – “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. God did not create you to work for Him, to be his servant. He did not create you so that He would have an army of soldiers at his bidding. He created you for one thing and one thing alone – relationship!

Isa 61:1  The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the [physical and spiritual] captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound, 2  To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord [the year of His favor] and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn. 3  To grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion–to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit–that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified. 4  And they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former desolations and renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.

Prophecy – “This year I will cause my Spirit to flow from you in ever greater ways. This is a year to proclaim the favourable year of the Lord, to see the works of darkness overturned and people set free. You will see my power released like never before, but you must stay close to me, it must come out of that place of intimacy.

Be aware that if I am calling you to greater intimacy and greater power that flows from that intimacy, then the devil will do all he can to stop you coming into that secret place with me. One of the biggest battles you will face this year is the battle for the secret place – the inner battle. You know my Word says – submit yourself to me, resist the devil and he will flee from you. I tell you resist him when he comes to draw you away from the secret place.

All battles, are first won in the secret place, by my Spirit, in your heart and mind and then as faith is released the outer circumstances follow. Faith will always triumph and secure my blessings. It’s out of that intimacy that you will do your best warfare, that you will go forth and destroy the works of the devil. I have many to see set free this year, both in the Church and out of it, stay close, listen and obey quickly and you will see victory after victory as you snatch them from the devils hands.

And Lyn, tell them to have fun doing that, I will be.” I had to laugh at that little end bit as the Lord said it. I knew then it wasn’t just a word for me but for you also and was to be included in this release. Fun is part of what’s on His heart this year and what greater fun than to snatch someone from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and love.

Wrap up

The Lord is doing many wonderful things in this season in our nation and in the nations of the world. Yes, the dark is getting darker but the light is correspondingly shining brighter as the sons and daughters of God allow Him to shine through them.

You are the light of the world so let your light shine – release the Kingdom of Heaven wherever you go and whoever you are with.

Mat 5:14  You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15  Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a peck measure, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16  Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.

Spend some time with the Lord and ask Him what His plans and assignments are for you this year. Let Him deal with the stuff that stops your light from shining brighter and the life and reality of Heaven being released fully through you. God has wonderful plans for you and this year He longs to move in and through your life with great love and power. Shine bright, release Heaven wherever you go – and have fun doing it!


This entry is day 3 of the Prophetic Insights for this year. The Church – the sleeping giant, is waking up to who she really is and we are in for an exciting time ahead as she releases the reality of Heaven into Earth.


Identity crisis – the Church has been in an identity crisis for centuries but God has been restoring the true biblical knowledge and experiential lifestyle of ‘who we are in Him’ to the Church and that restoration has accelerated, especially over the last ten years or so.

This year will be a year of awakening for many. It will be a year where old mindsets are torn down and new ones established. Many Christians will wake up to who Christ is in them and who they are in Him. For some it will be a quick work, as revelation hits them like lightning, but for most it will be an awakening, like the dawning of a day, that happens over a period of time as God roots out false beliefs. As this happens there will be a release of the power of God into their lives that will bring about huge transformation. For some it will be as if this is when they really get saved and they will say that what they knew before was not the real thing, but merely conceptual knowledge.

What is your identity – You are a much-loved son or daughter of God, a co-heir with Christ of all that is in Father’s Kingdom.

Rom 8:16  The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 17  And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ…

In Father’s eyes you are as important to Him as Christ is. Your life-purpose is to love Him and let Him love you – utterly and completely until every cell in your body cries “I am loved”. And because you know you are loved that much you can be who you were created to be – a reflection of God, one made in His image.

Col 3:9 …you have put off the old man with his deeds; 10  And have put on the new man, which is renewed… after the image of Him that created him:

Your old life is gone – it has been dealt with completely by His grace as you accepted Christ’s work on the cross and were baptised into His death and resurrection. You are clothed with righteousness and resurrection power, and your identity is now that of a child of God. Your home is the Kingdom of Heaven. You have been qualified as a minister of the New Covenant and an ambassador of that Kingdom.

You were created to, and are now able to, do the kind of things Jesus does and to release His Kingdom into Earth. Just as Christ was, you are backed up with the full resources of your Daddy’s Kingdom as you release the reality of that Kingdom here on Earth.

Will the whole Church walk in this knowledge? I hope and pray so, but unless God does something miraculous in that area I suspect there will still be those who choose religion over living relationship. History has unfortunately shown us that, but I believe God is bigger than history. So let’s continue to pray and believe that God will do miracles.

Let the Lord root out false beliefs in your life regarding who you now are. Be intentional about asking the Lord to expose them and root them out, giving revelation knowledge to replace them, and be renewed in your mind and thinking.

Prayer – “Father let the reality of what You have birthed us into be made plain to each of us. Root out the old thinking that stops us from stepping into and living in the reality of what You have done for us in the Cross. Let our eyes be opened by revelation to the wonder of the reality of Christ in us and us in Christ. Let the freedom You have called us into be fully understood by us, first by revelation, then by our mind. May your freely given Grace permeate and rule every thing we think and do, causing us to walk in freedom and to bring others into that freedom, both in the Church and outside of it.”

Along with this understanding of the Grace we live in will also come an understanding of what we were created for and where we fit in the picture. Many people will begin to find their giftings and step into their calling this year. New ministries will start this year as people step into their long held God-dreams but mostly it will be the so-called ordinary people walking in extraordinary love and power  in everyday life. Being full time in Christian Ministry will not be the dream people aspire to but walking in obedience will be.

Because of this we will see increased evangelism. In the days ahead we will see more ‘living theology” – our lives will reveal the truth and reality of the Word of God.  We won’t just know about the Kingdom but will live it. There is an old saying that ‘we are the only Bible some people will read’. What will our lives tell them?

2 Cor 3:2  You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written in your hearts, to be known and read by everybody. 3  You show and make obvious that you are a letter from Christ…not written with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

“Father I stand with you and  call forth the Church to her rightful place as sons & daughters of God, those who understand who they are and who you are in them. I see them as they release Heaven into Earth, causing miracles and great signs and wonders to abound. Like you I see them walk in love and power and live their theology. Father I see a people who are sharp of hearing and quick to obey. I see a Church rising up in beauty and power, full of your love and representing you rightly in the Earth. In your authority I call to them now – come forth light bearers, come forth love warriors, come forth and shine as light in the world and release the gospel in love and power!”


This is day 2 of 4 entries releasing Prophetic Insights for 2011 that are I believe part of the Lord’s heart for us for this year. This is a slightly longer entry than yesterday’s but is well worth the read.


Go deeper. 2011 is a year to build a deeper place of intimacy, a place of habitation for the Lord, both personally and corporately. 2010’s place of intimacy will not be enough for 2011. It is time to go deeper, to seek the Lord, to know Him more, to hear Him better.

The years ahead are calling us to a deeper place of intimacy now. Future-proof your life; make plans and set things in place now that give you more time to spend with the Lord. Be disciplined and guard that time. It is essential with what the world is coming into, but more than that – it is essential for you as a person!

It is what you were created for – intimacy with the Lord. It is what everything Christ did was for – intimacy and relationship with God! You were not created to be His servant, to do things for Him, but to love Him and let Him love you. Any service must come out of that place of love and intimacy, otherwise it will just be religious service – something you feel obligated to do, and ultimately, that you will feel resentment over.

Prepare the way for deeper intimacy. Let the Lord speak into the things that stop you from surrendering more and from knowing Him better. It is a year for relationship with Him to blossom and grow to a new level; for you to be drawn into the vineyard of His love, there to be filled and satisfied with drinking deeply of that love.

It is a time of preparing the way and removing the stumbling blocks; first, in our own lives, then we can move them for others that they, too, may return to that love.

Isa 57:14 Amp.  And the word of One shall go forth…prepare the way! Take up the stumbling block out of the way [of the spiritual return] of My people.

Prepare the way with worship. This year is a time to press in with diligence, to let your praises and worship build a place for His throne to rest in your lives. 2011 is a year for the High Praises to usher in the Glory. Praise until you break through. Don’t pull back when your mind tells you you’ve praised enough. Keep praising until the glory comes, then in the glory release your petitions, release healing, take ground, establish it in the Spirit and then consolidate it into your lifestyle.

Intimacy with joy & fun – The release of joy will continue to grow, both individually and corporately. Deep seated joy that fills and overflows, not just an occasional happy feeling, will become one of the core things that we live out of. His joy is our strength.

Neh 8:10 Amp …be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.

Without revelation and an experience of the joy of the Lord being our strength and stronghold to shelter in, we will walk only in conceptual understanding and be ruled by our mind or our feelings instead of our spirit and the Spirit of Christ within us.

The release of joy and the reality of the Kingdom will be accompanied by great fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! God is not all serious. God is the God who laughs in the Heavens. God is joy and where joy is, fun is to be had. Joy will be our companion and our reality as we learn more and more to release the reality of Heaven into Earth. Children know how to have fun, and the more childlike we become the more joy-filled we will be and the more fun we will have.

The revolution: There is a revolution that is gathering momentum. This revolution comes out of the secret place and intimacy with the Lord. It is a Love Revolution! Men and women will become radical lovers of God and because of that they will become radical lovers of people. This will happen as they receive revelation knowledge of the grace and power of Christ’s love for them. He has set us free from striving, from trying to please Him, from do’s and don’ts. We get to live a free, abundant, joy-filled life because of Grace – His love extended to us and through us.

As His disciples spend more time in His presence and in the heavenly realms, soaking in and imbibing the atmosphere of Heaven, being drunk with new wine and filled with the Spirit, they will be changed into His likeness – the likeness of the eternally youthful, joy-filled, love-filled, happy God. The many different facets of God’s personality and character will be revealed to them and as they gaze on Him they will be changed into His likeness from one degree of glory to another.

Don’t let people tell you that you are being selfish or chasing experience when you spend time in the heavenly realms, when you encounter God like this. Real God experience will cause you to fall more in love with Him and more in love with people as a result of your time in His presence and you will be changed – transformed more and more into His likeness.

2 Cor 3:18  All of us, as with unveiled face, because we continued to behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being changed, transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

This greater love for people will carry God’s heart for the poor, the broken and the captive.  His love will be irresistible to those we come in contact with and the world will begin to see that we really are His disciples.

In that intimacy ask for prophetic clarity – in listening, in seeing (visions, dreams). You do not ask amiss when you ask for this – it is part of how you get to know Him more. Hearing Him clearly and experiencing Him is essential for relationship with Him. Seeing what He is doing is essential for working with Him.

James 4:2 You have not because you ask not…

It is time to let the reality of being one with Him manifest in our lives. You are ‘in Christ’ and Christ is in you! Do you really get that and understand it? I suspect not. I certainly don’t fully understand it, but it is the reality that we are called to live from. The implications of this are huge. The revelation of ‘Christ in me’ and ‘me in Christ’ is beginning to hit people and it is shaking and challenging many Christians’ beliefs and ways of living. Our Christian walk is in for reformation and the reformation has started.

Prepare the way for good works that come from that intimacy. Let Him speak into the things that limit you realizing the potential He has placed in you and limit you from doing the assignments that He has for you.

Eph 2:10  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has ordained that we should walk in them.

Intimacy – it is what you were created for and it is your life-purpose. To love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and then out of that to love others. But we are not called to love others as we love ourselves, for that is an imperfect love. We are called to love others as we ourselves are loved with Christ’s perfect love. Oh how glorious is that love and when we know it, how easy it is to share it.

Song of Solomon 2:4  He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. 2:16  My beloved is mine, and I am his.

Prayer – “Draw us oh Lord and we will come into your banqueting house, into your love. Lord let us become drunk on the wine of your love. Let us know the reality of that love filling us and motivating us. May knowing You, and being known by You, be our purpose and our aim! Let all our service come from that place of wanting to pour ourselves out for You as You poured Yourself out for us – because of love.“